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Anson Bingham

Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Certified  Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist

Certified Meditation Teacher

Anson is the founder and owner of The Yoga Loft in Titusville Florida, a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Artist, and DJ with a certification in Meditation, a Degree in Recording Engineering and Graphic Arts. 

Anson is dedicated to helping others reach optimal health with a holistic approach through the teachings of yoga, meditation and ayurveda. Anson has great passion and desire to share yoga with the world. Anson believes Yoga is a transformational healing practice that helps to build a strong body and steady mind.



Angela McCaslin

Certified Yoga Teacher

Angela McCaslin is a certified yoga teacher and owner of the Yoga Loft in Titusville Florida. Angela discovered yoga 14 years ago and it has transformed her life, mind, body and soul. She enjoys teaching all forms of yoga to everyone of all levels. Angela's mission is to inspire others and spread her love of yoga to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle at any age.


Annalisa Dibernardo

Barre Teacher

Annalisa has been dancing since the age of 2. At age 11 she toured with the broadway production of Annie as the character "Molly." She continued her dance career through college and is going into her 2nd year as a Florida State Golden Girl. She is very passionate about health and fitness and will be receiving her degree in Exercise Science from UCF this August. She is also working on becoming a certified Exercise Physiologist and certified Strength and Condition Specialist within the year!


Cassidy Morancie

Barre Teacher

Cassidy started dancing at the age of 2. Through her 17 years of competitive dance experience, she has learned various techniques that are used at the ballet "barre", while developing a passionate interest for health and fitness. She now attends The University of Central Florida, studying Marketing and Advertising.

Caitlin Clark

Certified Yoga Teacher

Caitlin is a certified yoga teacher that specializes in the teaching of Vinyasa Yoga. Her goal is to share her passion for yoga with the community, and inspire people to discover a healthier mind and body through intuitive movement.

Corin Coffey

Certified Yoga Teacher

Corin is a certified yoga teacher that specializes in Vinyasa Yoga. Corin was first drawn to yoga as a means of physical rehabilitation from years of competitive tennis and training, but quickly found the benefits to far exceed just that. Yoga is a lifestyle that enhances health in every meaning of the word, providing a foundation for mind-body peace, strength, and balance.  Corin believes that yoga can benefit every single body and is passionate about sharing this practice with others.

Dr. David Daly


Dr. David Daly has received his chiropractic license in 1999. He has been serving the community of Titusville, Florida since 2000. Dr. Daly has worked with many patients ranging from new borns to the elderly. Dr. Daly's philosophy is that the nervous system is the master controller and the body is self-healing and self-regulating. Dr. Daly is committed to educating his patients on the lastest and newest health trends in the health industry. Dr. Daly enjoys lots of physical activities which include yoga, body weight training, surfing, biking, running, and just moving. He believes that physical activity is the key to longevity and optimal health.


Karon Pittman

Certified Yoga Teacher

Karon is a child at heart and has been practicing yoga for many years. She is an avid runner and yoga has given her the strength, endurance and balance in her life to stay healthy and active. Karon believes Children need calmness as well as a time to expend their boundless energy. Karon's Imaginative yoga practice gives this and more. Imaginative yoga helps enhance children's cognitive abilities to think, grow and learn to control their feelings in a positive manner.


Kaley Galbreath


CERTIFIED Thai Bodywork Healer

Certified Reiki Healer 

Kaley is an avid student of yoga. She has great interest in both athletic vinyasa practices, and holistic healing through yoga and meditation. Kaley's goal is to spread inner strength and happiness to the community with the teachings of yoga and meditation. Kaley obtained her certification on yogic philosophy and practice in Mysore, India, the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga. She also learned to heal the physical and energetic body through Reiki energy healing and Thai Bodywork-offering all of these services through The Yoga Loft. Kaley chose to leave her previous profession to dedicate herself to building a healthier community through yoga and holistic healing.


Katy Harvey

Certified Yoga Teacher

At the age of 7, Katy was chanting OM in candlelit yurts in the mountains of California. In 2009, she was practicing sun salutations on the beach in Costa Rica while living in a sustainable tree house community. It seemed that everywhere she went yoga was bringing people together in a positive way. Yoga had a way of making the worst days seem good and helped tremendously when Katy suffered a spinal injury during a work accident.

In 2014, Katy decided that yoga was the cure for her ailments and decided to became a certified Yoga Teacher. Katy teaches Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga with an emphasis on increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and releasing tension. Her practice invokes inner stillness, peace, and relaxation. 

Kristie Fuller

mindfulness and MEDITATION Teacher

Kristie has been practicing mindfulness meditation techniques for the last ten years. After being introduced to mindfulness meditation by her husband, she cultivated her own practice and was able to overcome post-partum depression and manage her pain symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis. After experiencing the incredible effectiveness and simplicity of mindfulness meditation herself, she dedicated her life to helping others. She now holds a Masters degree in Psychology, a second Masters in Counseling and is a Nationally Certified Counselor practicing equine facilitated therapy and mindfulness techniques with young adults on the autism spectrum as well as veterans.


Lauren Stonewall

Certified Yoga Teacher

Lauren is a certified yoga teacher that specializes in the teaching of Vinyasa Yoga. Lauren came to yoga to find relief and flexibility from her ergonomically challenging profession of dental hygiene. Yoga not only gave her better range of motion physically but also has given her the strength and endurance to balance all areas of life mentally, physically and emotionally. Lauren is passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga to help others transform and elevate their life.


Lysette Wittholt

Certified Yoga Teacher

Lysette's philosophy in practicing yoga is about a journey of personal growth, a process and not perfection. The approach of her yoga practice is an eclectic style, where she takes different yoga teachings to accommodate all individuals and different abilities.

Nicholas Fuller

mindfulness and MEDITATION Teacher

Nick has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over a decade, including Zen and Vipassana Buddhist meditation techniques. Through his study and dedication over the last decade he has synthesized traditional Buddhist teachings and sitting practice into a contemporary and secular form of mindfulness that can be practiced throughout one's day. Over the years, his experience and dedication allowed him to overcome crippling social anxiety and ADHD without the use of medications or traditional therapies and he now seeks to bring the practice - and the story of its affect on his life - to others.


Rebecca Chapman

Certified Yoga Teacher

Rebecca is a certified yoga teacher that specializes in the teaching of Kids Yoga and Hatha Yoga.